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You are Bun, a rabbit of extraordinary abilities who finds himself stuck in a cave with rather unsettling company. Even The Rabbits is disarmingly charming and difficult, designed for gamers who love retro platformers.

Please let us know what you think of our prototype, we deeply appreciate your feedback and will put it to use when creating the full game.

If you want to really help us out, we've made a Player Feedback Survey to help us gauge the strengths and weaknesses of our project.

Twitter / Facebook / Discord / CatJailStudios@gmail.com


Joystick/D-Pad = Movement

X /RT = Sprint

A = Jump

B = Interact

Y = Air Dash

LT = Glide

RB  =  Wall Hold


Arrow keys= Movement

Shift = Sprint

Space = Jump

"E" = Interact

"D" = Air Dash

"W" = Glide

"A" = Wall Hold


Coryn — Project Lead and 2D Artist (Twitter)(Twitch)

Kev — Programmer and Game Designer

Piet — Writer and QA

Kyle —  Composer (YouTube)

Install instructions

Unzip and Run. For Ps4 controller users, run the Ds4Windows.exe file and follow the install directions.


ALT-TABBING has been known to cause the game to slow down. Restarting the game should fix this.

Twitch Streamers that use OBS, the game will slow down when using a display capture, using a game capture will produce the best results.


EvenTheRabbits.PrototypeV0.1C.zip 90 MB


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That was so much fun! The gameplay is just perfect! So smooth and forgiving. And the level design looks hard at first, but because of the great controls, the game is not as difficult as it seems. Congratulation, it's a very good prototype!


This was fun!

Awesome, we're glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for playing! :)

Hop on!


Solid prototype, really nice work. Can't wait too see more. :)


Thanks for the feature Cryptic Hybrid! Glad you enjoyed it.